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Industrial Matte Black Wall-Mounted Exhaust Fan

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Size: 8-inch


Crafted from resilient metal materials and featuring an industrial-inspired matte black design, this wall-mounted exhaust fan offers an instant air renewal solution. In confined areas, the efficient fan excels at eliminating unpleasant odors and reducing excess moisture, preventing bacterial growth and minimizing potential respiratory infections. It also operates quietly without sacrificing its effectiveness. With its versatility, this fan is perfect for various settings such as bathrooms, kitchens, and workshops.


  • Built-in copper motor ensures efficient and long-lasting operation
  • Mesh enclosure minimizes the potential for unwanted objects to be drawn into the system
  • Wall-mounted design saves space and provides optimal ventilation
  • Fitted with a high-sensitivity speed regulator switch for simple speed control


Overall Dimensions:

  • 27cm W x 9cm D x 27cm H (8-inch, 200MM axial flow)
  • 32cm W x 10cm D x 32cm H (10-inch, 250MM axial flow)
  • 37cm W x 10.6cm D x 37cm H (12-inch, 300MM axial flow)
  • 42cm W x 13.6cm D x 42cm H (14-inch, 350MM axial flow)
  • 47cm W x 14cm D x 47cm H (16-inch, 400MM axial flow)
  • 52cm W x 15.2cm D x 52cm H (18-inch, 450MM axial flow)
  • 57cm W x 15.3cm D x 57cm H (20-inch, 500MM axial flow)
  • 62cm W x 16.7cm D x 62cm H (22-inch, 550MM axial flow)
  • 67cm W x 18.5cm D x 67cm H (24-inch, 600MM axial flow)

Motor Type: Copper Motor

Phase: 1

Voltage: 220-240V, 50HZ

Input Current:

  • 0.23A (8-inch)
  • 0.5A (10-inch)
  • 0.8A (12-inch)
  • 0.73A (14-inch)
  • 0.85A (16-inch)
  • 1.2A (18-inch)
  • 1.6A (20-inch)
  • 2.4A (22-inch)
  • 3.3A (24-inch)


  • 2uF(8 inch, 10 inch)
  • 4uF(14 inch)
  • 6uF(12 inch, 16 inch)
  • 8uF(18 inch)
  • 10uF(20 inch)
  • 12uF(22 inch)
  • 16uF(24 inch)

Power Consumption:

  • 60W (8-inch)
  • 110W (10-inch)
  • 165W (12-inch)
  • 145W (14-inch)
  • 180W (16-inch)
  • 250W (18-inch)
  • 350W (20-inch)
  • 500W (22-inch)
  • 710W (24-inch)

Number of Blades: 5


  • 2150-2550 (r/min) (8-inch)
  • 2150-2550 (r/min) (10-inch)
  • 2300 (r/min) (12-inch)
  • 1380 (r/min) (14-inch)
  • 1350 (r/min) (16/18/20/22/24-inch)

Air Volume:

  • 780M3/H (8-inch)
  • 960M3/H (10-inch)
  • 2130M3/H (12-inch)
  • 2500M3/H (14-inch)
  • 3500M3/H (16-inch)
  • 4850M3/H (18-inch)
  • 6570M3/H (20-inch)
  • 8700M3/H (22-inch)
  • 10850M3/H (24-inch)

Total Pressure:

  • 90Pa (8-inch)
  • 100Pa (10-inch)
  • 130Pa (12-inch)
  • 145Pa (14-inch)
  • 160Pa (16-inch)
  • 185Pa (18-inch)
  • 200Pa (20-inch)
  • 240Pa (22-inch)
  • 300Pa (24-inch)


  • 50db (A) (8-inch)
  • 56db (A) (10-inch)
  • 60db (A) (12-inch)
  • 62db (A) (14-inch)
  • 65db (A) (16-inch)
  • 68db (A) (18-inch)
  • 72db (A) (20-inch)
  • 75db (A) (22-inch)
  • 78db (A) (24-inch)

Material: Iron

Colour: Black

Package Content:

1 x Exhaust Fan


  1. Clean the exhaust fan and its components regularly to prevent dust and debris buildup, which can reduce its efficiency and pose a fire hazard. Turn off the power and remove the cover to clean the blades and housing.
  2. Ensure that the exhaust fan is vented outside your home and not just into the attic or a crawlspace. Ventilation should not introduce moist air into areas where it can cause damage.
  3. Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement.

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