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Fireplace Ideas to Update Your House for Autumn and Winter

Fireplace Ideas to Update Your House for Autumn and Winter

Make sure your chimney is ready before you light a fire this autumn so that it has the ideal conditions for keeping you warm and snug during winter. However, purchasing a fireplace may be a difficult choice, when you hope it will last for many years to come.


Wood, electric or gas fire?

Gas fires and stoves come in a wide variety of styles and pump out plenty of heat at a relatively low cost. The downside, however, is that they depend on burning fossil fuels and require routine maintenance and monitoring.

An electric fire or stove is a good option if you want flexibility and little maintenance. Be aware that electric stoves and flames don't provide a lot of heat and that their operating expenses might be significant.

Investing in a wood-burning stove will provide you an experience that is most similar to a traditional open fire. But that genuine experience could be quite expensive up front and have a negative effect on the environment.


Make a Fireplace Look Nice

There are many unique methods to beautify a fireplace. The simplest approach to modernise a fireplace that doesn't suit your style is to paint it. If it really is terrible, paint it the same colour as your walls to blend it into the background. However, if the condition is more of an issue than the appearance, you can tile over the entire chimney breast or simply replace the backplate.

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